Slippery Slope

Our small town has a big summer festival and with this being our first full summer living here I want to participate in as much of it as realistically possible with Wallaby. I love our town and I want to create family traditions that involve all that our town has to offer. Yesterday, while looking at the events calendar for the festival I saw that they are holding a baby photo contest. Immediately I thought, “hey Wallaby is super cute, he could totally win”, and so it begins, the desire to be a pageant mom has been awoken! Okay, not really, but I am slightly embarrassed to admit that I immediately searched through the files on our computer to find the cutest photo of Wallaby (there were plenty to choose from) and sent some files to the photo shop to print the same day. With The Grizzly Kid’s input we landed on our final photo choice and got the entrance form and picture into the mail first thing this morning.

Here is my question, is it wrong to be proud of your child for something they can’t control? Being amazingly adorable is not something Wallaby had to work hard to achieve (it came naturally), unlike how hard he works at trying to move right now; reaching, rolling, pushing his pudgy little toes into the carpet for grip so that he can inch himself forward. But it is impossible to not feel a slight flush of pride when someone coos over your baby telling you how cute he is (even when it is the hundredth time that month that you have heard so). Either way, for better or worse, Wallaby has been entered into a publicly judged competition, and you better believe that if he wins this year I will enter him again next summer, like I said, a slippery slope. Wish Wallaby luck!



One thought on “Slippery Slope

  1. Walter is almost as cute as you, when you were his age! Don’t worry, you will be too busy with other children, before he is old enough to remember having a stage mom. Don’t quit taking those cute pics though……..

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