Dine with Me

I love to cook; sweet, savory, spicy, and basically everything in between. Which is why I was a bit surprised when I fell for The Grizzly Kid with his aversion to new foods, but when you love someone you can overlook something so superficial; even if “not a picky eater” was on all those silly lists you made as a young girl with the qualifications for your perfect future husband. I’m not perfect either, but it turns out The Grizzly Kid and I are perfect together; and anyway the food thing stopped bothering me as soon as I realized that I would never have to share so many foods that I love because The Grizzly Kid won’t go near them with a ten-foot pole—here’s to you, box of Reese’s Puffs cereal in the pantry. This fact is amazingly liberating, being the seventh of ten kids, because for the first time in my life the food that I love will sit around for days and I can savor it and not feel the need to stuff my face before the treats vanish in a fashion that would amaze Houdini. It also means I try to limit the amounts of sweets I make because I know I’ll either eat the whole thing or end up throwing out a good portion of it when it goes bad; and it means I am an amazing hostess because I will force all the recipes I have been dying to try, on you. You should come visit, I’ll make it worth your tastebuds’ while . . .

So here are the three new recipes I have tried this week, two of which even got The Grizzly Kid’s approval.    

Most copy-cat recipes I have tried fall short of the perfection of the originals, but this recipe for Pizza Factory’s twisted breadsticks was truly glorious, and I knew I had a tough critic to win over—The Grizzly Kid adores the original. Super-soft, fluffy bread with perfect seasoning on the outside and surprisingly easy to make. Definitely going to write this recipe down to keep in my grandmother’s recipe box, which is how you know it meets my top expectations. I was glad to have halved the recipe since it was just for The Grizzly Kid and I, and they were very filling.

from Sweet Treats and More

The second new recipe I tried this week filled a serious craving for chocolate. This is a simple chocolate cake recipe that was mixed in one bowl. The batter looked like chocolate mousse—so pretty, and you bake it in a bread pan. This cake is very serious about its chocolate flavor; in fact I found it impossible to eat more than one slice in a sitting because it is so rich and fudgy in its texture. The Grizzly Kid watched incredulously as I put a slice of the cake in a bowl and doused it with milk to eat with a spoon, but it was simply begging for milk. I still have half of it in a tupperware in my kitchen, and it is seriously getting more moist as the days pass. Come by for a slice!

from Smitten Kitchen

And tonight I made the easiest pretzel recipe you will ever try, and they turned out perfect! No need to let the dough rise and no boiling the dough (who has time for that anyway?). Again I halved the recipe, and I cut the dough rope into pieces instead of shaping into pretzels because we like them bite size. Next time I will roll my rope skinnier—these babies really puffed up in the oven, and I did not have parchment paper on hand to line my pan, so I just sprayed it with olive oil instead and that worked just fine. I would love to find a good jalapeño cheese dip recipe that doesn’t use Velveeta to go with this, so if you come across one . . .

from Oishii Treats

If you give these recipes a try, let me know what you think!

Also, I have a terrible time with my spelling and I always want to spell recipe like recipie, because why wouldn’t recipe have the word pie at the end?


2 thoughts on “Dine with Me

  1. please freeze some of that cake for me! I have thought of making pretzels but never have. Your kids and all of their friends will be hanging out at your house………. A good way to keep them happy at home. I boiled ribs yesterday for Kurt’s b-day. But the water had a lot of chinese spices and onion, garlic, etc. Simmer for one hour then grill with your favorite sauce. It made them perfect with that underlying warm spicy flavor infused in the meat and just the right amount of “doneness”. What shall we make when we come up?

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