Dine with Me: Strawberry Freezer Jam

Strawberry freezer jam (3)On Memorial day with The Grizzly Kid at home to play with Wallaby I took the time to make my first ever batch of freezer jam. Ideally I would make raspberry jam because that is my favorite fruit, but raspberries are pricey. Instead, I decided on Strawberries because I got them for 99 cents a pint and they taste like summer. The whole process was surprisingly easier than I had expected and since I have already given some of mine away I would love to make another larger batch to last me till next summer. In the end, the cost of the strawberries, pectin, and freezer containers was around five dollars, meaning that I got my four pints of jam for about a $1.25 each which is easily half the price of the all natural jams at the store. Am I the only one who geeks out over diy’s and saving money?

Recipe Card2

Keep in mind that if your jam doesn’t thicken by the next day you can pour it all back into a pot and let it boil for a few minutes and then poor it back into your containers—this should make it thicker. However, freezer jam in general has a runnier consistency than store bought or cooked jams. I would love to try a sugar substitute with my next batch, like honey or agave nectar, and then you use pectin specifically for sugar free recipes so that it will still thicken properly.

Most of all this jam makes me crave some angel food cake to go with, so I will have to learn how to make that next!


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