Seven Months of Wallaby

Walter 7 months

Who doesn’t love a post with a bunch of baby photos? Over the weekend Wallaby turned 7 months old, and since this blog is younger than he is, I thought I’d post a picture from each month of his adorable little life. His newest trick is his army crawl, and he is getting fast at it, which enables him to inch worm his way down the hall and follow me, usually in tears because I left him alone for 30 seconds. The clinginess is also new, and for someone who likes alone time, kind of annoying, but the cuddling that comes with it are a total perk.  Wallaby is a little foodie and feels entitled to anything on my plate even though he has no teeth. He’ll eat the equivalent of 2 whole peaches pureed in one sitting, but even with all this extra food intake he still wants to nurse every 3 hours max. I love his chub rolls.

Also, I have come to accept the fact that some babies will learn to sleep through the night on their own and others will fight it every step of the way. Wallaby is the later. His sleep schedule is forever changing and if we’re lucky it’s bed by 7 pm, wake at 3 am to eat, and again at 5:30 am—because I don’t know how to get him back to sleep at that time without feeding him to sleep, and I certainly don’t want to start my day then—and then awake at 7 am. But more often he wakes up somewhere between 7 pm and 3 am  just for some attention, and sometimes more than once. Oh well, he is good at so many other things. For example his curiosity and dexterity are off the charts good, and he has developed this cute habit of putting his toys on top of things, the ledge on the tv stand, the sub woofer, and I even walked in his room to find that he had set his binky on the head of Ulysses—his teddy bear— who sits in the corner of his crib.

Wallaby is such a happy, loving little boy, and receiving his wet and cold dead fish kisses is the highlight of my day.  Here are some more recent  pictures of Wallaby, because I simply couldn’t resist.



5 thoughts on “Seven Months of Wallaby

  1. You were the only one of my 6 girls that requested a “boy” baby doll for Christmas once. I had to order one through a catalog. It is still around, looking quite good too. Those pics show how fast babies change!

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