Dine with Me: No-rise Pizza Crust

This pizza is second only to my chocolate chip cookies in The Grizzly Kid’s book. And if this picture doesn’t tempt you to make it then I don’t know what will.

pizza 1


What I love most about this recipe is obviously the crust, it is like having a breadstick attached to your pizza and who wouldn’t love that? My second favorite thing is that it is such a simple recipe and takes no time at all since you don’t have to let the dough rise. Read on for the recipe and more of my pretend photography skills…


no-rise pizza crust recipe


Here is a picture of my crust pre-toppings, so that you can see how imperfect it is, trust me it still tasted great.

Be sure to leave a bit of pan showing so that your crust has room to rise in the oven.


And here is the final project. Obviously the side with pineapple and red bell pepper is mine—I like to mark my territory.

Don’t forget to marvel at how fat this crust gets even though I don’t let the dough rise.

pizza collage


4 thoughts on “Dine with Me: No-rise Pizza Crust

  1. just the dinner idea I needed for Fri night when I have 7 grand kids unexpectedly and 2 five pound blocks of mozzarella in the fridge! No kidding. First I have to figure out where the 7 month old will take a nap…….

  2. Do you remember all those raspberry recipes you collected when we had our big raspberry patch. We didn’t get to make many of them, because they got eaten by the bowl fulls every morning! There is one for a tart that has cream cheese in it. Do you still have your pretty tart pan? I will get the ingredients for you when I come up this week.
    Your pictures look very inviting and artistic! You must have a nice camera too.

  3. We make pizza every Friday night, and I HATE when it is my turn to make it because I can’t ever get the dough to rise. I don’t have any problems with other bread recipes, just our pizza dough. I’m going to have to try this one next time! :)

  4. Doubled the recipe and made breadsticks. This week I used it to make pitas for some gyros because it’s so quick.

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