Reading Time

I love few things more than a good book, and sometimes even a terribly cheesy book. I have been an avid reader always, but especially since my one year stint in eighth grade of being homeschooled—I hated school that year so my mom pulled me out and I went back the next year after we had moved. Reading was about the only academic thing I did that year; from Anne of Green Gables to Ivanhoe, I consumed books like food. Naturally, in college I looked to my first love for my major and found that I not only love reading, but I loved sitting around discussing what we had read, and even writing papers on a good book is not so bad—of course, I am probably romanticizing the papers, since I have been out of school for a year and miss it some times.

I spent the three weeks between the time I quit my job and had Wallaby doing nothing but reading. I made trips to the library about every other day to sustain my cravings, and the stories helped suppress thoughts like, “Why the heck am I still pregnant” and “Will I ever be able to see my feet again?”. Then Wallaby came and I read while he slept in my arms or on my chest, and when he was about two weeks old I started reading Harry Potter aloud to him before naps and bedtime along with hundreds of picture books from the library. Often he would fall asleep in my lap as I read to him, but now he tries to love the books with his little hands and slobbering mouth so I try to keep him entertained with toys while I read to him and he crawls over me trying to attack love the book. And I, being the devoted parent that I am, read to Wallaby despite his oncoming fussiness and clear signs that he is ready to sleep, for his own growth and development, not at all because I am dying to finish the chapter, and then just one more page after that. You see we are currently 200 pages into the sixth Harry Potter book and I would never read on without him, I’d hate for him to miss out, so instead I give him a different toy or his binky and try to comfort him with one hand while I  we continue to get drawn deeper into the  story. Eventually, we get to a good stopping point and Wallaby goes down for a nap while I busy myself with tasks around the house and then reward myself with some quiet reading time of my own, because I would not dream of neglecting chores in favor of a good book. Usually.

Here are our current stacks, for we are ambitious folk.

book collage


2 thoughts on “Reading Time

  1. That is so funny!! I started reading harry potter to Seth and we are also on the 6th book! Of course, I don’t have as much self control as you and I read without him… I also neglect house work while he sleeps to read…

  2. Our Boys and Girls Club has set a summer reading goal of 1,000 hours. In an effort to help them with that goal, I spend a half an hour reading out loud to a group of them after snack every day. Right now, we’re reading Eoin Colfer’s fabulous novel, Airman. Sometimes, I think I am doing it more for myself than for the kids–there is nothing like a good book to take some of the stress out of a day… :)

    Happy reading! I hope Wallaby loves the Half-Blood Prince!

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