Scotty Dogs Find a Home

A couple weeks back I mentioned learning to smock in this post, well here is the final project report. Allow Wallaby to shake your hand and invite you enjoy the rest of this post.


Thank goodness my mother was around to help me with this supposedly simple pattern—after all there were only five pattern pieces, but when my mother and I get together we never seem to be able to leave a pattern alone and the alterations ensue before we even begin. For example we only lined the top half of the romper, right to the bottom of the smocking, because we wanted it light weight for summer time, but that meant we had to bind the edges around the armholes as well as the collar. I also sewed the snaps in between legs on wrong and had to redo that, but in the end it all worked out.


As you can see in this lovely photo taken by The Grizzly Kid’s uncle Mark—all the other not as pretty photos are mine—the romper is a bit big on Wallaby, but the way he is growing it won’t be for long. I put the final touches on the romper the night before a family gathering on July 3rd (where this photo was taken), which gave me a deadline to inspire me and an event to show off my handiwork—we all know the best part of creating something is the praise. In fact, when looking for a blue t-shirt to match the romper, the nice employee at The Children’s Place told me I should open my own shop to sell smocked clothes and I replied as long as people don’t mind one new item every 3 months, because I am a slow worker. I do have plans for another smocked piece for Wallaby, something for fall, so as to give me plenty of time, but until then enjoy a few more pictures of my cute little model.

smocking finished

Wallaby’s crossed ankles kill me every time—love him.


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