Wishful Wednesday

Many bloggers do a Wishful Wednesday type format, and here is why—

1. There are so many good things in the world to buy—completely frivolous, wonderful things.

2. We all have our budgets and this is a lovely way to go crazy without breaking the bank.

3. Um, my birthday is next month and Christmas is only 4 months after that.

So, without further ado here are my top picks from essentially every category of the new-to-me online heaven of Sammy Dress, which is a lot like Forever 21 or H&M in that you have to dig a bit to find what you want, and it probably, most definitely won’t be high-end quality, but good gracious look at those prices!

Let’s start with the neon sporty watch that I would never be able to tell time on, but it’d look good on my wrist.

Continuing with accessories, how cute is this bow belt.

Lacey, white shirts simply scream summer to me.

Polka dots, big collar, and embroidery—call me an old lady, but I love this.

I have a serious jacket/cardigan fetish, but look at these stripes and try to say no.

Perfectly simple, with the discreet little flower detail on the side is what makes these sandals great.

And last, but not least, this bag in that dark blue. I mean sure, I am generally toting around a diaper bag these days, but this bag is a great size for short outings with Wallaby where I just need an emergency diaper and wipes. Plus it is canvas, which is a workhouse of a fabric—durable and easily cleaned.

Also, Happy Pioneer Day to those of us in Utah! I realize the irony in writing such a greedy post on this the day of celebration for those who did so much with so little—what proud ancestors I have.


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