An Old Home

My future dream home is old, really old, with a completely updated interior that still manages to leave the best details. The Grizzly Kid counters that you may as well build a new house that looks old, after all, that saves you the trouble of replacing pipes, updating electricity and fixing just about everything else, but it just isn’t the same. Old homes have history and you can tell how much care and hand craftsmanship went into making these home lovely.

While spending the day after Pioneer Day with my mom, we managed a quick drive through the little town of Spring City where many of their citizens have been putting love back into these old dwellings and keeping the history of the homes at the same time. These homes, church, and school have been lovingly kept up and restored from their turn of the century origins. I apologize for the phone pictures—someday I will learn to haul my big camera everywhere with me.

These pictures don’t allow you to see the replaced windows, restored trim and all the other little details, but the homes are still perfect.

cell phone 1040

And all those massive trees! You don’t  get such beautiful trees with a new home—instead you get those wimpy little trees that need crutches to survive windstorms.

cell phone 1041

Here is the church built in 1902. Every stone put in by hand I bet.

cell phone 1039

And my favorite is this school built in 1899, back when you would imagine a one room, wood school house, not this miniature stone and brick palace. Spring City is working to fully restore the school and I certainly hope it lasts another century.

school collage

Sadly, my dream home will cost a lot of pretty pennies, so for now I’ll settle for looking at others.


One thought on “An Old Home

  1. I’ve always been a fan of old houses, too. I’m also a fan of the idea of building my own, though, so I decided that if and when I ever get to the point where I can have a house of my own design, I would love to build a house out of 100% reclaimed or sustainable materials. It’s certainly not the same as living in an old house with a story, but I like the idea. :)

    Also, I’m drooling over that school. Place like that just get my shutter finger all sorts of excited. Haha!

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