National Book Lovers Day

This rain coming down is begging me to sit and properly celebrate this holiday with the company of a good book; instead I am keeping Wallaby entertained with fancy objects like water bottles while I pack up for a short weekend trip with friends. We did, however, finish read the Harry Potter series this morning! It took a little less than 9 months for me to read every word aloud to Wallaby—essentially his entire existence.

We love books in our home, it was one of the first connections The Grizzly Kid and I made, and we each were avid book readers from a young age. The first books I remember loving were the Hank the Cowdog books because my 3rd grade teacher, Mr. Armstrong, read them to us and did different voices and they are so very funny. My highschool friends in Utah had never heard of these books, and teased me that they didn’t exist, so they must be more of a Texas book since that is where I lived for much of elementary.

Then when I hit middle school I fell in love with Anne of Green Gables, Jane Austen, and of course, Harry Potter. I have read far and wide since my Hank the Cowdog days, and the best part about reading is that there is always another amazing book waiting for you to find it. I’m currently reading this series and I have very mixed feeling about it.

I hope you get the chance to enjoy a good book this weekend. I think Wallaby and I will start the Chronicles of Narnia next…


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