Celebrating Me.

August 13. Yesterday was National Left Hander’s day—but I’m not left handed. It was also the day the Berlin Wall was erected—but I am not a communist. August 13, is also the birthdays of  Annie Oakley (it’s been a while since I shot a gun), Alfred Hitchcock (his work mostly terrifies me), Fidel Castro (again, not a communist—and he is going to live forever or be really hard to kill like Rasputin), Philippe Petit (I wish I could walk a tightrope), and little ol’ me.

I am far from getting my name on a list of celebrity birthdays, but that’s okay because my little circle treats me just fine. My birthday feels like it has been celebrated for a week, because all the fun started last week with my parents and baby sis in town. My parents took me shopping and out to dinner; spoiled me. Claire stayed with us for two days, and watched Wallaby one night so The Grizzly Kid and I could have a night out— the longest time we have both been away from him since he was born. Side note: Claire is Wallaby’s favorite auntie, she has spent more time with him than any of his other aunts and it shows:



Wallaby usually only cuddles with me and occasionally with The Grizzly Kid, but this is how I found them one morning.

Then last Friday and Saturday we got to spend the weekend with friends at the prettiest cabin I have ever been to with a lovely little river running through the back and banks lined with wild raspberry bushes. We even had our own bedroom with space to pop up the pack-n-play for Wallaby. Let’s be honest, it only qualified as a cabin in the sense that it was made of wood and located in the mountains. We certainly enjoyed ourselves.



Monday we had the treat of spending time with some of my family from AZ, and Wallaby had a rare day of playing with cousins, including Eve, who is just 4 days older. Add some water and a pizza picnic, plus key lime pie for dessert and you have a perfect day in my book.



My actual birthday was spent bumming around with Wallaby, a little shopping, a gift card for Cafe Rio for lunch (Wallaby and I shared a pork burrito—I may have eaten more of it than he did), used up credit left over at the Pioneer used book store (who, by the way, are moving back to Provo Center street and therefore everything is on sale!), and I was treated to ice cream by some friends.

But mostly I enjoyed the smiles of this little guy. Being a mom this birthday made my day extra special.



And do you get a picture of Herbert the party hat elephant drawn for you on your birthday, cuz I do. The Grizzly Kid is the best.



Year 23 is going to be good.


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