9 Month Match-up

Today marks NINE months of Wallaby. And we love him, and I could end this post right there, but I won’t.

Wallaby is pulling himself up to standing on everything and uses edges to walk along, which means that I spend my days trying to refrain from hovering behind him to save him from minor falls that I know he will survive. He is also extra chatty these last couple of weeks—the basic baby sounds, dadada, bababa, mmmuummumum, but he often does them in a high pitched almost falsetto voice which is particularly amusing. He knows when he is getting into something that should be left alone and looks back over his shoulder at me with a devilish glint in his eye watching for my reaction. Most objects he plays with still get tasted, but not as much, and Wallaby is still a binky-loving boy. He smiles often and laughs at me when I dance, which is a real confidence booster for my dancing skills, let me tell ya. This is my text to The Grizzly Kid from yesterday displaying a common Wallaby moment and yes, my typo drives me crazy.


People always tell us that Wallaby looks like __fill in the blank__. Everyone has made the list, from myself and The Grizzly Kid, to aunts, uncles, cousins, and other long lost relatives we’ve never even met. So I matched up baby pictures of us three and we’ll leave the voting to you, my limited readership. Who does Wallaby look more like?

9 month match-up



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