50 Things You Couldn’t Care Less to Know

A dear friend just did a post with 50 things about herself, and I liked learning some things about her that I didn’t know despite having known each other for 9 years! Then she suggested I do one, which she should know I hate forwards that tell me to do something, but then again I am short on blogging ideas at the moment so this will do. So this is Emily literally forcing me to write this, and guaranteed you will be bored at some point, so maybe just give up now, save yourself, it’s a trap! and all those other famous movie lines that apply.

1. I didn’t grow up watching much tv and my mum had strict standards about what we could watch and rightly so, but then I moved in with my fave college roommates, and long       time friends, and they teased me for hanging out in my room and reading so much, and going to bed early, so I joined them in The Office, Parks and Rec, and other masterpieces     of television, and now I am hooked.

2. I blame my bad habits on others.

3. I love cereal. More often I eat it for lunch or a late night snack than for breakfast.

4. The Grizzly Kid loathes when I sing Abba to him, especially if it is this song as he is leaving in the mornings. He doesn’t hate Abba, just when I sing it.

5. I cannot stand kitchen appliances sitting out and taking up precious counter space, even if I use it everyday like my Baby Chef.

6. I am always reading more than one book at a time and sometimes up to four.

7. I host gatherings simply so that I can have a test group for new treats I want to make. Pretzel, caramel, cookies anyone?

8. Most of the handiwork around our house, hanging curtain rods, replacing filters, putting new aerators on our faucets, etc., is done by me, not because The Grizzly Kid can’t do it, but because I enjoy doing it.

9. My mother made my wedding dress, and after the wedding we cut it knee length and dyed it sapphire blue which shrunk it so that it will fit my future 12 year old daughter. But        the bottom of the dress was used to make Wallaby’s blessing outfit.

Wedding dress

10. I spent two summer working at Philmont Scout Ranch in the mountains of New Mexico, and it is the world’s largest youth camp, in case you haven’t heard of it. My first summer I made it into a fair amount of the promotional video (listen for my voice–the first girl to talk), I kind of think the camera guy had a small thing for me. And my second summer I was a Ranger and took crews of  scouts out into the mountains, showed them the ropes of leave-no-trace camping, and then left them and hiked back into base to pick up my next crew. That summer I backpacked 171 miles with a 45 pound pack, chased black bears out of camps, learned to throw a tomahawk and spar pole climbing, shot a black powder rifle, and listened to to best campfire music I have ever heard. Philmont is very dear to my heart.

Philmont Collage

11. Philmont inspired my love of folk music, I even got to take a folk music course in college as a literature credit—best class ever.

12. In June I started running, something I have never done in my life, and have managed to take my 15 minute mile to 11:23, and can now run 2 miles without walking—I like to celebrate the small accomplishments.

13. I asked The Grizzly Kid out first, and our date was to build a pillow fort and watch The Lion King—we met as adults, I promise.

14. I bummed a two week trip to France off of my parents when I was 15 and my dad managed to avoid as many museums and tourist sites as he could, but we did follow The Tour de France through the Alps and it was gorgeous.

15. I graduated from Utah Valley University with my BA in English Literature and 5 credits short of a French minor—that’s a long story.

16. Wallaby came after 9 hours of non-medicated labor, which isn’t something I usually brag about, but I am kind of proud of the fact that I went au natural, and sometimes I still can’t believe I did.

17. After a day spent talking to Wallaby, who can’t exactly hold a real conversation yet, I crave adult contact sooo much more than I could have ever dreamed. I now understand why my mom took forever to leave any social event, she seemed to my young, impatient mind to talk for years, and now I am becoming that mom.

18. It is emotionally impossible for me to use shorthand or not capitalize no matter what if I am sending a text, or even just jotting down a quick reminder to myself.

19. I own both a harmonica and a guitar and truly wish I knew how to play them.

20. I am an aspiring photographer, so share with me your secrets you photography geniuses.


21. The first time I saw The Grizzly Kid’s handwriting it made me think of the font used for Hagrid’s handwriting—go look it up.

22. When I think of my first memory of The Grizzly Kid I remember him sitting two rows to my right and a seat ahead of me, wearing a Philadelphia Eagle’s baseball cap, an army green jacket, and a full beard. He was quiet, but when he did speak up in our British literature class I remember thinking he was very smart and had a wonderfully deep voice.

23. On  the same subject, The Grizzly Kid and I shared four English classes together in our college careers, it was especially fun to go to class together after we were married.

24. I enjoy sewing, but it takes me ages to finish a project. Let’s hope I can manage to finish The Grizzly Kid’s Scarecrow mask for Comic con next week.

25. Clumsy. On my wedding day I tripped going up some stairs in my wedding dress and would have face planted if The Grizzly Kid hadn’t caught me.

26. I bruise  super easily and never know where my bruises come from, usually they are small, but sometimes they look more like this one currently on my calf, and I have no clue where it came from.


27. We we got married I owned 6 movies and The Grizzly Kid owned over 60.

28. I am not ticklish.

29. Rarely do I get sick, but about once a year I will catch something that lays me flat for about two days.

30. It is a bit of a stereotype that people go to UVU when they can’t get into BYU, so it is a point of pride with me that I turned down BYU for a full scholarship at UVU and I love my Alma Mater. Interestingly enough, The Grizzly Kid did the same thing, and we wonder if we would have met if we had both gone to BYU instead.

31. I am currently growing out my hair, because I miss being able to pull it up, but I am sure once it is long I’ll chop it all off  again. It’s my cycle and I have never been emotional about getting my hair cut.

32. The Aspidistra Flies by Stars is my all time favorite song. Perfect for a rotten day.

33. I am proud of the fact that I have had more than one parent of grown up children tell me that Wallaby is cuter than any of their kids ever were as babies.

34. Easter is my favorite Holiday.

35. When we got married I started watching NFL games with The Grizzly Kid, who is an Eagles fan, and so I picked my own team to root for—the Detroit Lions, because I was born just outside of Detroit. No one can accuse me of picking a team just because they win a lot.

36. Tennis is my favorite sport. To play and to watch. Anyone up for a match?

37. There are a handful of movies I never get sick of watching, including: While You Were Sleeping, Dan in Real Life, Midnight in Paris, You’ve Got Mail, Sound of Music, and Marry Poppins. 

38. I love attending plays and concerts and wish I got to go more often.

39. When I am short on sleep or food I get seriously cranky.

40. I am the 7th of 10 kids, 5 of us are married, and there are 13 grandkids with another on the way this fall. Family gatherings are nutso and  I love being surrounded by such a crowd of people who love each other. This is from last December, and we are missing 4 people to make us complete. The Happy Couple are the ones expecting this fall.


41.I am an open book. Ask me anything. I have yet to be offended by anything someone has ask or said to me.

42. Someday I will have my own enormous library complete with sliding ladders, and comfy window seats.

43. This is my second fall since graduating and I miss college. Someday I will go back and get my Masters of Library Science.

44. I am a wonderful at multitasking and on the flip side I have a hard time focusing on just one thing. I need to be more present especially with the people I love.

45. I didn’t really date in high school, never saw the point of it, and only had one other boyfriend before The Grizzly Kid and that was more of a summer fling.

46. In high school I was nominated for Homecoming royalty but blew off the interviews.

47. I am super excited to teach Wallaby how to cook and have him help me in the kitchen. Let’s hope he loves it.

48. Lots of people have a word they can’t stand, for most people it is “moist”, but I don’t unless an author uses the same distinct word more than 5 times, it ruins the book for me. Go count how many times the author uses the word “sardonic” in this series.

49. Nothing beats the smell of rain in a pine forest, except maybe baking bread, mmmm, I declare a tie.

50. I am going to go make bread. Maybe I’ll let Wallaby stick his fingers in the dough and pretend he is helping me.


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