Geek Girls

Lets face it, I have always been nerdy. As a younger kiddo and even into college I have been told on occasion that I read to much, that my vocabulary is too big, that I am too smart, a teacher’s pet, a Molly Mormon, that I am odd, and too quiet. And guess what? they were all right. What is it about stating the truth in a certain way that makes it a criticism, something peers and perhaps especially girls are really good at. If you have made it through your entire existence sans teasing then you are certainly an anomaly. And no matter how tough we are teasing can leave marks. I was fortunate to have parents who instilled in me a great sense of self-worth which kept the marks to a super minimum, but was teased too.  In fourth grade I was teased by the other kids at my table for always getting 100 percent on my spelling tests, and so I purposefully bombed a spelling test. I remember my teacher’s surprise at the sudden change in score but the other kids didn’t tease me, and after that instead of failing I was careful to only miss one or two. The kids left me alone, the teacher didn’t suspect anything and I am a rotten speller to this day, which I jokingly blame on this experience. That was the last time I ever played dumb to gain acceptance. I learned to live up to my own standard and cheesy as it sounds, be myself and forget about what others think.

Luckily in today’s world being nerdy has become more of  the norm; Harry Potter and Star Wars are more mainstream and therefore accepted. But people aren’t perfect and so there will always be teasing. I have never been a gamer or into cosplay, and I didn’t see Star Wars until I was dating The Grizzly Kid— I’m lucky he overlooked that major flaw—but I will always be a muggle wishing she could go to Hogwarts, and I dream of living in a library. Nobody gets to tell me how to be a nerd and that’s what this post is about.

These ladies have gotten together to send the message to the boys of geekdom that girls belong there too, in fact, she may be more geek than you and you don’t get to tell her otherwise.


Here is the Hogwarts acceptance letter I made for my roommates and me:61


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