Wishful Wednesday: Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are a trend that I have always liked on other people, but never really thought I could pull off. Just check out Jessi of Haircut and General Attitude in her perfect ankle boots here.

When or if I decide to take the fashion plunge here are my top picks, and I really can’t decide if I like the dressed-up or dressed-down styles more, but I would definitely want suede. What’s your opinion?

Women's Mossimo® Vonnie Shootie Ankle Boot - Black

Target / Mossimo® Vonnie Shootie Ankle Boot – Black

Zappos / Steve Madden Jayson – Taupe suede

Zappos / Blowfish.

Boden / Sold Out

As usual, Boden delivers exactly what I want, but out of my budget. I think the Boden navy wedges are my favorite, but the polk-a-dots are very hard to beat. However, when it comes to customer service Zappos is truly the best. At my brother’s wedding last year they sent my sister the right color shoes in the wrong style, but the wedding was in two days—no time to get the right pair—so after a short phone call to a super nice customer service rep he told us they’d mail the right pair overnight and let us keep the wrong style for free so she’d have shoes for the wedding in case the others didn’t come in time! You can’t beat that.


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