10 Months is Almost a Year

Where does the time go. Time must be a black hole or something else that sucks, a vacuum, maybe? Anyway, Wallaby turns ten months on Monday, which is ALSO AND ESPECIALLY The Grizzly Kid’s birthday! So Wallaby gets today and I’ll gush over The Grizzly Kid on Monday.


After four months of army crawling, and getting super fast at it, Wallaby is finally, occasionally, slowing things down a bit and going hands and knees.

I have yet to see him get himself to a seated position on his own, but then again he never stays seated long. He does lay on his belly with his feet in the air, crossed at the ankles or waving while he plays with toys, which is adorable. Here he is in action.

slide Collage

He has become such an independent eater and hates to be spoon fed, but there is a limited amount of things he can eat without teeth. You should see the mess he can make with the bite size peaches I give him, or bananas which he likes to squeeze in his fist until it squishes out between his fingers. He also likes to get his bib turned around and wear it like a cape.


Yesterday I spotted a flap of gum on his bottom gums, which leads me to believe he may finally be getting a tooth—no baby dentures will be necessary.

Wallaby has been pulling himself up on things for about a month now and it is a law of Wallaby physics that if it is taller than him it will be climbed, humans included. And if you play dead and lay flat in hopes he’ll pass you by then he’ll play King of the Hill on you anyway, but you’ll probably get kisses on your face while he is squishing you so it will definitely be worth it.

He can wave, give high fives, and is super chatty, but he usually only shows this outgoing side to us at home.

My baby can scowl.


But he also has the sweetest smile.


He has crazy long eyelashes, and perfectly chubby cheeks.


Wallaby is the most inconsistent sleeper I know. He’ll wake up three times one night and two the next, sometimes he’ll fall back asleep on his own and other times he’ll cry until he gets fed. All of that despite our very consistent bed time routines.

We love that he is ours—pouty lower lip and all.



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