Odd Reasons to Love

Today is such a special day—it’s birthday time for The Grizzly Kid! I thought I’d tell you why I love him so, but not the top of the list things, like loving husband, awesome father, blah, blah, blah. I want to share the nitty-gritty details, the oddities that made me fall for him and keep me in love everyday.

Photo Jun 22, 9 21 00 AM

• He is OCD, leaving me room to relax. I haven’t had to check to see that the door is locked since the day I got married, because I know The Grizzly Kid has triple checked them, along with making sure his spacey wife turned off the stove/oven, the fridge door is shut, no faucets are dripping, etc. I just hope we never live in a mansion or I would always fall asleep before he finished checking everything and miss out on pillow talk, which brings us to no. 2

• Pillow talk. The Grizzly Kid is a quiet guy, but every night he lets me talk his ear off so that I can fall asleep with an empty mind. Especially generous of him since it already takes him longer to fall asleep than I, who rolls over and is out.

• He is a treasure-trove of random knowledge, especially when is comes to pop culture—friends and family won’t play trivia games against him.

• The Grizzly Kid is a nerd, a geek to the max, and happy to be one. The Grizzly Kid’s birthday present was a ticket to SLC’s first ever Comic Con, and he bought the ticket back in June.

•When I make brownies he leaves me all of the edges, my favorite part, because he prefers the center—M-F-E-O.

•When there is an action figure left on the ground I’m never sure if it was Wallaby who played with it or The Grizzly Kid.

•The Grizzly Kid looks good in jeans—like seriously good.

•He is a complete goof, child-at-heart, genuinely fun guy to be around, and I mostly get that guy to myself because he is shy around others.

•His sense of humor is very dry and witty.

•The Grizzly Kid is a picky eater—leaving more of the good stuff for me.

•When I asked him what the one thing is that people should know about him he said, ” That I like robots”.— which says it all.

Is it any wonder that he has my heart? Absolutely no doubt that he is the greatest of all humans.


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