Crisp Air

Despite our strange weather where it is hot one day and chilly the next, fall is definitely in the air. The mornings are particularly crisp and pleasant and it seems to be universally acknowledged that fall is the best of the four seasons.


Wallaby woke with a cold yesterday, which makes this the second time he has been sick in his whole existence, meaning that we as parents fuss over him probably more than necessary due to inexperience in this field. We spent yesterday with the humidifier humming and tissues scattered on the floor, reading books and watching The Tigger Movie—Wallaby loves anything with music. Thankfully Wallaby has been a happy camper with his runny nose that has now been wiped on every surface of our home. Time to disinfect.

This morning we woke to cold showers, and no pilot light on the water heater. Luckily my family is visiting this week, so I’ll have a little project for my dad to teach me when he gets here. I would do it myself as the directions seem fairly simple, but the water heater has signs stickered to it warning of possible gas leaks and exploding your house, so I’ll leave this to someone who has done it before.

In other news, we have finally decided on a Halloween costume for Wallaby. With so many cute options for babies it has been impossibly hard to decide, and then we were considering possible family costumes, but I don’t know that that will happen. Wondering what we have picked? Well too bad you will simply have to wait in suspense.

Over the weekend Wallaby discovered his love of popcorn just like his dadThe Grizzly Kid eats popcorn several times a week. Wallaby pulled the funniest scrunched up faces to fit those kernels in his mouth.


He kept looking at us to check if we were going to take it away from himwe were having too much fun watching him to worry about nutritional value.


I hope your fall is as lovely as ours is shaping up to be! And have you given costumes any thought? What will you be? or do you feel like you are too old to dress up, because sometimes the party-pooper in me feels that way.


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