Wishful Wednesday: Winter Playtime

We love to play outside. Wallaby and I  go on walks and trips to the park every day—sometimes more than once—and then when The Grizzly Kid gets home he often takes Wallaby out to play while I get dinner started. Being outside is the number one way to turn grumpy Mandrake Wallaby back into cute Cabbage Patch Wallaby, which means that we are loving the fall weather and I am dreading, dreading, dreading being stuck inside most of the winter. I know we can and will bundle Wallaby up and still go outside, but it won’t be as often, so I am dreaming of an indoor play space to help expel extra energy and that can be collapsed and put away—for my sanity, our apartment does not have space for big toys. I think one of these tunnels would be the perfect compromise.

Amazon tunnel

Amazon / 6 Foot Multi-Color Children’s Exploration Pop-Up Tunnel by K-Roo Sports

target tunnelTarget / Peek-A-Boo I See You 6’ Tunnel

walmart fort

Walmart / Playhut Crawl ‘N Play

Walmart tunnel

Walmart / GigaTent Hide and Seek “Queenie” Play Tunnel, 6′

The bumble bee definitely wins the cuteness points, but the the fort is cool because you can make different combinations of the pieces. I love that these tunnels are easily cleaned and sanitized, collapse and most come with a storage bag for when they fold flat. Also, none of these are made with PVC because, as I am just finding out, apparently that stuff can kill you with its fumes according to some heated reviews I read on other similar products. My favorite part about the reviews I read on these tunnels is that half of the reviews are about how much their cat loves running through them and the other half are from parents of humans who also love playing in them. So apparently cats and toddlers are on the same developmental level—I joke! Please don’t write me hate mail about how your child is much smarter than a cat—I’m sure your child is a genius—or to tell me that your cat is smarter than some kids you’ve met—because that  is probably also true.

For all you parents out there, how do you survive long winters stuck inside?



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