Time Well Spent

Time spent away from blogging means that I must have actually been busy in real life, which is a rare treat for this super laid back stay-at-home mom-er. I am blessed to be home most days with nothing more to do than play with Wallaby, feed the family, and perhaps get around to the dishes and laundry. I am well aware that this luxury is a ticking time bomb, because one day we will add more kids, and play dates, and homeschooling, and other things to the mix and then any extra minutes will disappear.

This week some of my family came up for my uncle’s funeral, and the only good thing that can be said for a funeral is that you get to spend time with family and be reintroduced to long lost relatives. I really only met my uncle Vance a couple of times—just separate lives and my family usually lived far away, so for me the funeral was a chance to learn more about him, and now I feel as though when I meet him again someday he won’t be a stranger to me.

Being the generous person that she is, my mother prepared much of the food and seeing as she doesn’t live near by we used my tiny kitchen to prepare food for 60, which was rather comical. She came in with a 20 lbs. bag of enormous russet potatoes and my biggest pot could only hold three of those bad boys, so I borrowed larger pots from a friend. And then we wanted to make pumpkin sheet cakes, so I borrowed some cookie sheets from other friends. My dainty hand-mixer broke in the process of creaming 5 lbs. of cream cheese for the frosting, and it became very clear to me that, while I love to cook, my kitchen is well equipped to feed my small family and not sixty. Still with the generosity of friends and family the funeral and the meal after went off without a hitch, and it was beautiful weather to boot.

Four days later my fridge is still harboring leftover funeral potatoes and pumpkin cake, any takers?


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