11 Months of Motherhood

Wallaby is 11 months old today, which seems so old because it is his entire existence, but I only joined the ranks of motherhood 11 months ago which means that I am still such a novice. Every day I am still just making it up as I go along and hoping this kid turns out alright. I continually ask other moms’ advice and opinions and then do what feels right to me. There is a continual barrage of “mommy wars” and judging that happens across the world wide web of moms—what every single thing your child eats isn’t organic, non-processed, and sugar free?!  I would hate to think that others are judging my mothering because I am simply doing my best, as are most mothers out there, and I figure as long as moms are loving their kids fiercely then everything falls into place.

But there is one thing I have found fascinating in the world of moms, and that is the desire of mothers to not appear to be a mom. For every mother there seems to be one thing that is just such a mom thing that they can’t accept it for themselves. A common example is the battle against the minivan, and my oldest sister is one of these moms who simply detest the idea of being a minivan mom. For others like Grace of Camp Patton (which if you don’t follow her you should, for a daily dose of mom humor) it is the giant diaper bag that she refuses to tote everywhere. There are the moms who are exercise experts on whom you can never find a physical ounce of mom evidence, and the trendy moms who would never be caught dead in mom jeans or the new mom jeans. There are also the mothers who fight the urge to share a million and two pictures of their adorable bundle of joy with everyone through the internet. The point is that the majority of moms seem to cling to some proof of her pre-mom life, not because being a mom is something they are ashamed of, but simply as a way to assert their identity beyond that of a mom.

For me I welcome the idea of a future minivan with better gas mileage than a SUV and under seat storage and that built in vacuum in the new Honda Odyssey—now that is a mother’s dream. As for the giant diaper bag, I enjoy having extra space for my snacks and waterbottle as well as Wallaby’s stuff. I do try to exercise, but cookies get in the way of a perfect body and I do like to dress well, but I consider not leaving the house in sweats/exercise clothes as my biggest triumph of each day, and then there are the winter days where I don’t leave the house at all, so do the math. Also, if you have read any of this blog you have seen how adorable my little Wallaby truly is, and in case you have forgotten here are some 11 month photos taken this morning.




What mom identifiers do you fight against or have you seen others protest?


One thought on “11 Months of Motherhood

  1. Haha I totally get this!! I used to not really care if I was trendy as long as I looked presentable but ever since Seth was born I have been trying to update my wardrobe. I also am looking forward to a mini van but even though I don’t like the outside look, I have lately taken a liking to the inside, mileage, and amenities of my friend’s Ford Flex.

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