Christmas Shopping

My goal for Christmas shopping this year is to get it all done before the end of October, and I am almost there. Since this is my first year trying out the early shopping gig I am noticing a few cons to what I thought would be an all pro process.


•Some of the best sales don’t happen until later in the season—hello Black Friday—and I love getting the best deal on things, but at the same time I am not willing to stand in long return lines to get my 3 dollars back on a purchase that went on sale, now for 10, I might.

•Most return policies run out by the time Christmas arrives. The majority of store only have a 30 day window to return/exchange a product meaning that the gifts I buy have the added pressure of having to be kept, and I love the caveat of gift giving that is—if you hate what I got you feel free to return it.

•In years past my deadline for shopping has been Christmas Eve, and I have a feeling I might have trouble shutting off the shopping mode early and want to keep buying stuff until then, hopefully our budgeting will help me hit max and stop.

•I genuinely worry that even though I like the gifts I am buying now, what if I see something even cooler later in the season? Whereas last minute shopping leaves little time for buyer’s remorse.

Still, I am hoping that the Pros will win out by the end of the season.


•I won’t be hauling Wallaby through the hustle and bustle of holiday crowds and long lines.

•With no need for gift shopping there is more time for other Christmas activities—baking, seeing the lights, decorating the house, visiting family, etc.

•As a family we can then find the time and budget to serve others in our community, take treats to neighbors, and enjoy the season.

•My biggest hope is that getting the shopping and gift mania out of the way will encourage our family to focus more on the Savior and the true giving spirit of Christmas.

So, while I have found some cons they are mostly superficial where as the pros, I feel, will be truly enriching. I guess we’ll see as the countdown to Christmas begins with only 61 days left!  Do you shop/make all your gifts early? and if so what are your pros and cons?


3 thoughts on “Christmas Shopping

  1. I like to get Christmas gifts that really mean something. Something I know the person will appreciate or that made me think of them so sometimes I end up with their present in May while other times I have to search for something the week before because nothing caught my eye on its own.

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