Reading Fiction

It is my dream to get my Masters of Library Science. I have always loved reading and an inclination to become a librarian was never far off. Which is why Neil Gaiman’s lecture: “Why our future depends on libraries, reading and daydreaming” obviously struck a cord. You should definitely take the time to read it. It gives me hope that all the times I read to Wallaby while he crawls away playing will someday pay off. Wallaby has lately taken to pulling the book I’m reading out of my hand, or putting his toys on my page, or even lying down on top of my book, just to turn my attention from whatever I am reading to him. And while he probably sees my reading while he plays as negligence, I am hoping that someday he’ll see it as a passion for good literature that will someday rub off on him. Gaiman mentions teaching children to love books without forcing them to read, and I hope that The Grizzly Kid and I will be able to do that for our children through example, and our own love of books.

Here are two of my favorite quotes from his lecture, but really, the whole thing needs to be read to catch the importance of what Gaiman is talking about.


Neil Gaiman




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