An Itch

We have lived in our current abode for 15 months, making this the longest we have lived anywhere in our marriage. We really love our apartment, neighbors, and little town—it fits our life right now just perfectly, and we have no intention of moving anytime soon, but we were getting an itch for a change. So on Saturday we rearranged our little place. It started out with a not so quick bookshelf makeover, during Wallaby’s morning nap, which turned out like this.

collage of bookcase

There are lovely photos all over the internet of bookshelves by color and I have been wanting to jump on the trend, but never thought we had enough books in each color to make it work, but once we got all the books sorted into piles by color we decided it just might work. The Grizzly Kid and I fought for ages over which colors should go where until our opinions melded together and we love the way it turned out. I fought really hard to not have the blacks on the bottom because the bottom of the bookshelf gets a lot less light from the windows and I felt like it would look like a black hole down there—The Grizzly Kid didn’t understand my reasoning, but he went with it anyway—the sign of a great husband.

Once our bookshelf was set we had to keep going! We had talked before about not wanting our tv to be the focus of our living room anymore so we finally took the plunge and moved it to our bedroom—not our first choice. If we had another couch we would put it in the office, but we don’t spend that much time in our room really, and it makes it that much nicer when we do want to cuddle up and watch a movie. Without the couch in the middle of the living and a tv against the wall our little living room feels huge!


The bookshelf sits on the wall by the front door and the couch is on the opposite wall, so this is the view when you enter our apartment. The first thing we noticed after the move is that our front room is suddenly so much brighter! The couch in the middle of the room some how stole all the light from the windows, and now we get it back. Some day we’d like to add a giant rug to this room. I even told The Grizzly Kid that we should just get a big play rug, something like this or this, and he said that some one needs to invent a two-sided rug, one side for playing and the other side fancy for company—so you guys should get on that.

We moved the small shelf out of our room to make room for the tv stand and once we took the middle shelf out it fit our green Ikea storage boxes perfectly, which better organizes Wallaby’s toys and cloth diapers.


I think this shelf is sturdy enough that it would be fun to make a big seat cushion to put on top and turn it into extra seating—adding that to my long list of crafts…

And of course we had to have a little reading nook for Wallaby, because you know he sits still all day long reading at his age of 4-days-till-1-year-old. So really, it’s for us and how much I like stacking his little rocking chair with our weekly library books.


And there you have it, our living room tour that you never asked for. It seems weird to say that the way your furniture is arranged affects the way you live, but it’s very true. We realize that we won’t be watching movies with friends, and overnight guests won’t be able to unwind with a movie while we go to bed at our crazy early hours, but we don’t get that many visitors and in a lot of ways it makes our home more welcoming when the focus isn’t on the tv. Hopefully we’ll have more conversation instead, and our guests can always pick up one of our lovely books to unwind with.

Next we should tackle our black-hole of an office where everything not in current use gets stashed. I feel like everybody has the one room/closet/drawer where the unwanted go to live, or perhaps I just tell myself that so I feel better…


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