Wallaby Turns One

The universe has been trying to kill me by way of no internet in our home for the past week, and I have been dying to share Wallaby’s birthday party! So here we go.

We woke up to a steady amount of snow fall that continued throughout most of the day, and had several people cancel last minute, but no worries, because we over-invited for our tiny apartment anyway. I had spent the day before making pulled pork and homemade rolls, and the morning of I made chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. We kept the decorations simple and put most of them up while Wallaby was taking his nap before the guests arrived.

The Grizzly Kid decorated our balloons with mustached and bearded men, to go with the theme of our invitations about our little man. I had a lot of fun  making the invite, I have not done much by way of design before, but found I enjoyed it. However, I did take the wording from a photo on Pinterest—I’m not that creative.

blank invite


Collage balloons

I spent a couple of nights the week of the party sewing the banners to hang on the wall and on Wallaby’s throne. Then I strung them up using some jute from Hobby Lobby.




We even used a piece of the banner to decorate Wallaby’s rocking chair and used it to hold his presents. We loved this wrapping paper!


The Grizzly Kid took some photos of the cupcakes all on display, while I was putting on the finishing touches.





We really didn’t take any photos of our guests, or the other food—we were too busy enjoying ourselves, but we were sure to pull the camera back out in time for Wallaby’s big moment. The Grizzly Kid helped him blow out the candle, but then Wallaby wasn’t sure what he was supposed to do with the cupcake sitting in front of him. After The grizzly kid gave him a bite of the cupcake he decided he enjoyed it and with both hands clinging to the cupcake he methodically ate the whole thing without daring to let go.




Wallaby was also spoiled with presents from family and friends, and is loving playing with all of them, but especially his new lightsaber—a gift from some close friends—and I have already been hit with it more times than I like to relive. His other favorite is surprisingly enough, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toddler toothbrush we gave him. He throws a fit every night after brushing when we put it away.

We were so glad to see such good friends and happy they came to celebrate our wonderful little boy with us, and of course we missed our family that lived too far away to come. Meanwhile, we are still eating leftover pulled pork—pulled pork sandwiches, salads, tacos—and have finally almost finished it off.




2 thoughts on “Wallaby Turns One

  1. I love your decorations and wallaby is looking oh so cute and grown up! Seth also LOVES his toothbrush, the funny thing is that he actually loves having me brush his bottoms but won’t let me get the top ones!

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