Happy Thanksgiving!


We always enjoy Thanksgiving at The Grizzly Kid’s grandparents’ home and the quality of the food is only surpassed by the quality of the company. We look forward to this day all year, especially Grandma’s rolls—The Grizzly Kid would be more than happy with just a dinner of her rolls. This year I get to help out with the best part of any meal—dessert! I thought I’d go a little out of the box this year and not make a pie—gasp! We’ll see if I get uninvited to the next family gathering for my break with Thanksgiving tradition. I am instead making Sweet Potato cupcakes with maple cream cheese frosting (shown above, pre-frosted) and a Pumpkin flan.

The sweet potato cupcake recipe is from the One Sweet Cupcake cookbook, but the frosting is my own creation. As for the flan—I have never made flan before, but I am planning on this recipe, and if it goes horribly wrong then I guess maybe I’ll whip up a last minute pie after all! Wish me luck.

What is your role in the Thanksgiving prep? I just talked with a friend who said they always go to Golden Coral—the lack of prep and clean up sounds rather appealing, but I wouldn’t miss a family gathering this big for all the world! Good luck with your dinners!


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