Let’s Talk Weather

You know how they started naming big winter storms, just like how hurricanes are named? Well, if anyone cares for my opinion, I approve of that decision. After all, it is simply too nebulous to be mad at “the weather”, now we get to be mad at, Brutus,for example, and it feels far more justified.

However, today I am not upset with the weather. As the first major winter storm of the season, and no place to be, Wallaby and I are enjoying watching Cleon from inside our cozy home. We had hot broccoli cheese soup for lunch, have been playing, reading, and snuggling up with some of the cheesiest Christmas movies that Netflix has to offer. A perfect day.

I am a little concerned that The Grizzly Kid will get snowed in at the office, but as snow plows have passed twice already today, I have high hopes, that he will survive to be only a little late. So we will savor the view from our windows and hope you are all safe and snuggled up today.



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