Snow Day

 Since yesterday was the first major snow of the season, today we bundled up for Wallaby’s first romp in the snow. After I got him to a state of warmth only to be rivaled by Randy from The Christmas Story, Wallaby rediscovered the graham cracker he had left behind. So we took a short snack and photo break before heading outside.

IMG_6142 IMG_6146

We had to show off his whole snow ensemble of course, and Wallaby got so excited  when I said we get to go outside that he started clapping.



And then there was the classic Wallaby scrunched nose face, complete with a mouth full of crackers.

IMG_6165 IMG_6166 IMG_6168

Then we headed outdoors! Wallaby was quick to push his face in the snow to see what it tasted like, which resulted in an extra red face and snow in his eyelashes, but despite the half sad photo below he didn’t mind it at all.


Wallaby loved bulldozing his way into deeper snow..


Until he didn’t anymore.



And then we were finished, ten minutes after we got started. I got Wallaby home and all warmed up and then down for a nap, and now I think we have adventured all we need to for one day. Time for more cheesy Christmas movies on Netflix I think … right after I go mop up the puddles from our snow clothes.


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