Shiny and New

What’s that? You say you are dying to talk baby hair? Then keep on reading.

The Grizzly Kid has lovely thick hair that gets curly if he lets it grow out, so as soon as I knew I was pregnant I started imagining a baby with thick, curly hair. Instead, little Wallaby got my hair genes with super fine hair—but plenty of it. If his hair gets too long it gets tangled and loves to create a nest on the back of his head where he lays—like mother like son. I was constantly having to brush Wallaby’s hair out of his eyes, and every two weeks I would give him a small trim just around his ears where his hair was trying to over take them. But, I knew the time would come for a full hair cut, so I read some tutorials on cutting little boy hair, figuring that since I was dealing with a boy I could always fall back on a buzz cut.

What none of the tutorials covered was how to keep a boy still during a hair cut—I guess they were dealing with 5 year olds instead of a one year old. So I prepared by shutting us in the bathroom with a towel covering the floor and a slew of toys to keep Wallaby occupied, and when he would get sick of one toy I would whip out a new one. A very professional setup. I essentially ended up crawling around to follow Wallaby and take snips of hair as I could. The hair was coming off in heaps and I was sure this was going to be a disaster, but as I kept trimming and evening out it started to take a shape that was less disaster and more acceptable. An hour later, and at the end of Wallaby’s patience we were done. I left the top longer than the sides, since that is popular for guys these days, and of course it is no where near perfect—everyday I see a spot to fix—but it is passable and I am sure that with practice I can only get better, right? Plus, throw a little styling gel in and no one will notice the mistakes—I hope.

Here is a picture from a couple weeks ago where Wallaby was sharing a November popsicle with my visiting sister and his hair was looking particularly unkempt.


And, because my boy is wiggly, here are some blurry photos of the finished product!





I think his new haircut makes Wallaby look less like a baby and more like a toddler, and having less hair on top also seems to make his cheeks look chubbier, which is fine by me, because I love his chubby cheeks!


5 thoughts on “Shiny and New

  1. So cute!!! Seth has had SO many haircuts because he needed his hair short so he didn’t overheat in his helmet but now that its off, I don’t want to cut it even though its looking long.

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