Meeting Santa

Last year we did not bother with a trip to meet Santa since Wallaby was only a few weeks old, so when I heard our library had Santa coming today we bundled up and headed over. We were pretty sure that Wallaby, who has no concept of whom Santa is, would cry. Our one hold out was that Wallaby is generally more friendly with bearded men—they must remind him of The Grizzly Kid.

Wallaby loves our library, so he was happy as can be while we waited in the-shortest-Santa-line-ever.


Then came the moment of truth. I set Wallaby on Santa’s lap and the inevitable breakdown commenced.


Santa was well prepared with candy canes and a hand bell to ring, all to no avail with Wallaby, so I snapped a couple photos and we were off. Wallaby did appreciate the candy cane we let him enjoy after his traumatic experience, and he calmed down as soon as Santa was out of sight.  If we were cool enough to mail out Christmas cards this gem would be ours.

Christmas card 2013


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