Simple Pleasures

Washi tape blocks I Wildfire Kisses

Decorating in general serves no life or death purpose, but it sure can turn a house into a home and the same goes for those little pointless projects that I love to do as an excuse to keep my fingers busy and make things even prettier. One night I found myself chatting with The Grizzly Kid and Wallaby playing with his Mega Blocks and a roll of washi tape that had been left down, and next thing I knew my fingers were busy decorating his blocks—silly, pointless, and simply fun to do. Now every time I am stuck enjoying playing the 15th round of blocks that day these extra pretty blocks make me smile.

Washi tape blocks I Wildfire Kisses

I ran out of tape after about a third of the blocks, so the washi blocks are extra special, outshining all the plain blocks, and I’m sure after we go to bed the blocks have a Star-Belly Sneetches type of situation going on. Good luck to the plain-belly blocks and a Happy Weekend to you!


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