Wishful Wednesday: Monster Skin Rug

Image of Monster Skin Rug

I found this monster rug on Pinterest last spring and fell in love. I want one for Wallaby’s room to put right in front of his crib, but for the $2,500 that Longoland is charging for it I am finally getting around to making my own, for probably $10 in supplies and paying myself nothing for the hours in labor, but I love how it is turning out. I still need to stuff the head and figure out how I want to make a slightly less creepy mouth, but right now I am sewing on row after row of felt triangles.

Monster Rug phase 1 I Wildfire Kisses

Here is the outline, I just drew a monster outline onto my large piece of felt (I went for the cheap felt plus 50% coupon at Joann’s making it $2.50 a yard instead of the wool felt the other rug uses which runs closer to $10 a yard) and cut it out and then started cutting triangles, and more triangles, and have had to go back and cut more triangles. I cut my triangles in two sizes to give it a less uniform feel and have been sewing them on for the past couple of days, finally working my way into the third row—progress.


I’ll be sure to take better, non-phone pictures once it is all finished and placed in Wallaby’s room. The Grizzly Kid gets excited every time he sees and will probably be asking for one in our room next. His excitement makes it even more fun to keep working on it, plus it is one of those rare projects where I am so excited to see the finished product that it makes me more motivated to finish it! Let’s hope that enthusiasm doesn’t fade.


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