It is official—que dramatic music—we are MOVING. And not just one of those 10 miles away moves, but to Arizona, land of the sun, and cacti (not to mention creepiest of bugs, but also citrus trees galore). My generous parents are letting us live with them while The Grizzly Kid goes back to school, and we feel so good about this decision, now. But, as very independent people it is unnecessarily hard to accept so much help from anyone, even family, even when it enables The Grizzly Kid to chase a life-long dream in a way we could not do without the help. So we hemmed and hawed about the decision before deciding this is what is right for our family, despite it meaning having to leave all of our wonderful family and friends here in Utah.

This will be good for us, the warm weather sounds blissful with an impending snow storm coming here this week, and The Grizzly Kid and Wallaby have never lived outside of Utah, so this will certainly expand our family horizons and perhaps teach us introverts and planners of every minuscule detail to be better at going with the flow.

Naturally with just 2 months to de-clutter, pack up, and move I am avoiding any sense of realism—like the true procrastinator that I am—and delving into wonderfully diverting books instead. Last week I started of by reading this book


and it was wonderful, so full of impressive historical details about English society just before WWII really hits. As soon as I finished I was dying to read the 3rd book in the same series, but instead after a month of being on hold for Allegiant at the library it came in so I dived right into that book


 which wasn’t exactly a shocker in how it ended, but still an enthralling read and have you read it? because I really need someone to talk to about it. And once I finished that series I went back to the Montmaray series to finish the third and final book


which was again such a vivid description of English society, this time throughout WWII, and absolutely heartbreaking at points, but also comedic, and slightly scandalous as only a story written about a young lady trying to figure out the facts of life in a close-mouthed 1940’s upper class society could be. I loved it—a perfect finale to a lovely trilogy.

After reading 3 books last week I should really get to work on packing but instead I am in the middle of Reckless by Cornelia Funke and just started this book as well. But once those are finished I promise I will buckle down and get to work—maybe.

Do you have any book recommendations to help enable my inner escapist? Please share.


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