It seems that the second your baby is born people will tell you not to compare them with anyone else’s baby, because each is an individual and babies develop at their own pace. Well that’s true. Around 5 months when Wallaby was still waking up multiple times a night I would drive myself crazy trying every trick and training to try and get him to sleep longer, after all, my friends’ babies were all sleeping through the night by 2 months why wasn’t mine? I can’t count the number of times we let Wallaby cry it out, co-sleep (he hated that), fewer blankets, more blankets,etc—he fought sleep every step of the way. And even after cutting night feedings, when I felt sure he would sleep—because what the heck was there to wake up about now—he would still wake up. It slowly, frozen turtle speed, became that he would only wake up once a night and once tucked back in would usually fall back asleep immediately, and only in the last couple of weeks—at the tender age of 14 months—has he begun sleeping through the night consistently! I’m pretty sure I am jinxing myself by saying that out loud to the internet world.


In other belated milestone news, Wallaby has also become daring enough to walk all on his own! He has had incredible balance for ages now (if you let go of his hand he never fell, or tried to walk, he would just kneel himself ever so gently down), and loved to walk around on his knees—less distance to fall I think—but the being on his own to walk had him scared crawling for a long time. I felt sure he would have walked back at 8.5 months when he was pulling himself up to standing on everything, but 8 months later he got there. What did I really expect from the boy who army crawled from 5 months to almost 10 months? Wallaby has always done things his own way, and I hope he always will.

We try our hardest not to compare, but it’s fun to look at what puts Wallaby “ahead” and especially what makes him unique. Wallaby’s head is in the 99th percentile. It is huge, but as people always feel the need to assure us, it doesn’t look disproportional. I find it amusing that I have to wrestle shirts with three snaps undone on the shoulder over his head. Wallaby also has super-sonic hearing—you can’t crinkle a wrapper three rooms away without him hearing and come begging, and the garbage truck is an anticipated sound as he loves to watch him drive by.

You can tell Wallaby almost anything and he understands, and he relates things together, like if you show him a book with Elmo on it he will go find his toothbrush with Elmo on it, but he has only seen Elmo on tv a couple of times. If we pull up to the library but don’t go in he will throw a fit about not getting to play with the trains they have inside.

I wish I would have started signing with him earlier because it is amazing how quick they pick it up! Wallaby regularly says: milk, please, thank you, baby, and eat. We are working on sorry and football.

This afternoon Wallaby picked up his blanket and walked himself into his room and sat down with a book, signalling me that he was ready for his nap. It makes my heart so happy to be his mum. I love seeing him grow at any pace he chooses and hopefully my patience will continue to grow too.



3 thoughts on “Milestones

    • And I look at Seth and wonder why Wallaby didn’t sleep and walk sooner, haha. It is a vicious cycle and a hard one to break. Each child has their strengths and weaknesses just like we adults do.

  1. This does little to help my hopes of Lex sleeping through the night anytime soon. He has yet to pass the 5 hour mark. But I’m glad Walter is letting you sleep! It must heaven. :)

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