Sick Day

Today has been spent in cuddles and loads of Sesame Street. Wallaby woke this morning—just before 6 am—with a cough and a faucet of a nose. Luckily, he snuggled in with me for another hour and a half before really getting up for the day, and then we went through the make-baby-well gauntlet with medicine and homeopathic mumbo-jumbo, a nice warm bath, and a sippy cup spiked with emergency -c. His nose continues to run, but he is up and about and not too very grumpy about it all. On the bright side, we are well stocked on kleenex and I taught him to walk his own dirty tissues to the trash bin.

Also, I kept Wallaby  entertained by learning to juggle 3 tennis balls. He laughed at me for about an hour of dropping the balls, but then I got it! Just one rotation and I am about 50% accurate, so pretty much I am an expert, just let me know if you want to pay for lessons.

And last, but not least, I have joined the world of Instagram with one entire photo in my account! My phone doesn’t have the grandest of cameras so we’ll see if those lovely instagram filters can compensate for that and my lack of photography skills. Any one have some tips for better instagram pics? I am a great student.


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