Happy Villaintine’s Day.

The Grizzly Kid and I are rather awful at celebrating most holidays. We do pretty well at Christmas and birthdays, but our anniversary gets looked over, pretty much every year, and especially now that Wallaby’s birthday is just 3 days before. So if we can’t even manage to celebrate our anniversary then Valentine’s Day better forget it.

A few years ago our inability to properly celebrate Valentine’s Day led to the creation of our own holiday on February 13th called Villaintine’s Day. This holiday has rules so simple that even we can manage them. All that is required is junk food, a pillow fort, and watching a movie with proper villain in it. The first year we celebrated we watched Lion King, because who is worse than Scar? And this year, on our 3rd annual Villaintine’s Day I believe we discussed watching Sherlock Holmes, the 2nd movie, because Moriarty is also pretty great.

In other villainous news, I completed the monster rug that I posted about last month! This was a time consuming project, but not a hard one. Mostly it meant hours of cutting out triangles and sewing them in place while I watched tv.

Monster Rug I Wildfire Kisses

I mean look at all those triangle pieces!

Monster Rug I Wildfire Kisses

Perhaps people will find it odd that we put a monster beside our child’s crib, but we’ve told Wallaby that this monster is there to keep the other monsters away, and Wallaby likes him. Besides a felt monster is way less creepy that a real bear skin rug, or any taxidermy for that matter.

Monster Rug I Wildfire Kisses

The teeth are actually Wallaby’s favorite part. He sits there trying to pull them off.

Monster Rug I Wildfire Kisses

This is easily my favorite project that I have ever made.

Monster Rug I Wildfire KissesAnd in case you were wondering, we named him Claudio because he reminds us of this rockstar’s hair.  


One thought on “Happy Villaintine’s Day.

  1. Trevor and I were talking about Valentine’s day yesterday and how neither of us are a big fan, but I still want to do something to celebrate it, just in a different way than the rest of the world does. It’s kind of bothers me how there is so much expectation around this holiday (though I wont lie, I always love getting candy hearts). Our first Valentine’s we played music at and old folks home and we loved it! I’m pretty sure if anyone has reason to hate Valentine’s day, it would be them. But we might just have to steal your Villaintine’s day tradition, because although Trevor isn’t a big movie watcher, he says a villain is what makes a movie great. Speaking of which, you should go see the lego movie! I think you guys would enjoy it. :) Anyways, this year for valentine’s we think we’ll just keep it simple and make cookies.

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