True Love.

Love is seriously underrated. And I’m not talking about the showy, I bought you flowers love, but the I’ve-changed-literally-thousands-of-diapers-for-you kind of love. Love for our kids allows us to do some things we would never previously have considered, and we love our kids despite the myriad of things they have done to us. So I have asked a couple of friends who each have 1 year olds, just like Wallaby, to help me share some of our most embarrassing mothering moments in our year of learning to be moms and what that love truly means. Because we must really love our kids to go through everything they do.


  • When your baby poops on you in public. Literally on you.
  • They go screaming through the aisles at church before you can catch them.
  • The first time you almost pee your pants when you sneeze…I have learned Kegels are a necessity of life
  • When you wipe your babies boogers and realize you forgot to grab a tissue first
  • The first time they scream in the store because you won’t let them run like a wild animal and everyone looks at you like you’re abusing them.



  • Once I unbuckled Seth from his stroller at the park and then became so distracted trying to help another child get her jacket off that I forgot I had unbuckled him. He leaned forward and went head first out of the stroller onto the cement. Luckily I was able to cushion the fall by getting him to slide down my leg and onto my foot instead of the sidewalk.
  • I was using the bathroom when my son decided he wanted one of his bath toys. He went head first into the still wet bathtub with all his clothes on and there was nothing I could do!!
  • Here is Seth in the tub.

  • I put my 12 month old son in his crib naked so I could run and get something before his bath. When I came back there was a big puddle on the floor. The crib and sheets were completely dry.
  • While walking along the beach path with a 2 year old girl I nannied and we saw a man doing pushups in the sand. She got down on her hands and knees and started going up and down facing him with her head about 5 inches from his. People started gathering around to watch the scene and laugh. Right before the man realized something was going on and looked up, she stopped and ran away leaving him to think a group of people had all stopped to laugh at his push-ups. **I started to explain through my uncontrollable laughter but he just glared and walked away.
  • As a newborn my son was the king of belches. He often belched so loudly during Sunday School that the whole room would go silent and turn to look.


  • That first time as a nursing mom when you are out in public and realize that you have just leaked through your shirt.
  • Just last month Wallaby tossed an entire bag of goldfish into the aisle at church and I was crawling in my skirt to get them all picked up before the song ended and people would be crushing them into the ground.
  • Around Wallaby’s first birthday a friend asked if his birthday cake was going to be his first sugar. Uh, is that a thing? waiting till your kid is a year old before he gets any sugar? Here’s Wallaby with a popsicle at 6 months and his aunt gave him a tiny taste of a rootbeer float around 3 months. So here’s to not killing the next kid. IMG_3729
  • Wallaby didn’t like the attention a baby girl was getting when we set her next to him on the couch so he tried to push the one-month-old off the couch.
  • The sheer number of woodchips from the park that I have pulled out of his mouth in front of other people. I did save him from the used band-aid though, just before it entered his mouth.

Luckily for us moms these things happen and our kids live and they embarrass us some more and we get over it—it’s the way of motherhood. And here is to repaying them for the embarrassment when they are teenagers—the true circle of life.

What about you? any embarrassing parenthood moments you want to share? Share the love.


One thought on “True Love.

  1. I’ve definitely heard of people who wait as long as possible not to give their kid any sugar. Personally I think that’s asking for the kid being even more addicted to sugar when they DO have it. Kinda like the word “no”. Trevor keeps trying to get Lex to eat all sorts of stuff. Luckily, so far he’s just spits it out.
    I wish i had some embarrassing stories, but I’m sure with the kin of personality Lex is developing, I’ll get my share. :)

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