On My Mind

It should be against the law of physics for a mom to get sick, but last week just as Wallaby’s cough had finally subsided I was hit with the plague. No need for all the gory details, but at one point the illness left me shivering so badly that I had The Grizzly Kid get me an extra jacket (to wear over the one I already had on) and a beanie, plus there were the 3 blankets I had piled on me, and I was still freezing! I woke later with my jaw sore from clenching my teeth to stop them from chattering! Haha.

I lived off crackers the next morning and then I was starving. Once I feel better after a nasty sickness I always crave chinese food. Always. It is what I want most once I am done being sick. So I made fried rice with all the fixin’s. Do you have a post-sick meal that you love?

The cough and runaway nose still linger, but at least I am able once more.

In other news I had a church council meeting yesterday and I just knew I would be the youngest person there which always make me feel a little uncomfortable. I guess it’s the idea that everyone there has more experience and wisdom than this little grasshopper. Also the stake president now knows my name, so it really is time to move.  But I certainly enjoyed myself and learned a lot!

I managed to pack 3 whole boxes over the weekend. I hate living in boxes and it is a guarantee that as soon as you pack something you’ll need it. So I have started with the baby clothes and gear that Wallaby has outgrown and will keep going from there.

We just got back from the library and Wallaby was distraught that the train table was missing. I hope they’re fixing the broken track and that they get it back soon because Wallaby wandered all over looking for it—he clearly didn’t trust me when I said it was gone.

And this weather, I hope it sticks around. We’re off to the playground I think.


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