Low, High, and All Around

Today began with a 5am teething party. As The Grizzly Kid said, it could have been worse, it could have started at 4am. A quick search determined that the first of the molars has just broken through. And  the distraught Wallaby was finally consoled with an episode of Sesame Street—soothing with tv is clearly not the best parenting choice, but at 5am who is a good parent? And it lasted long enough for the baby pain meds to kick in and to get him back to sleep in his own bed. Which allowed me to fall back asleep and The Grizzly Kid to get ready for work—we all see who drew the short stick this morning.

On the other side of the parenting spectrum, yesterday was loads of fun. A little 6 year old friend spent the afternoon with us and Wallaby and I were in heaven with her. She kept Walter entertained and made cookies and built puzzles with me. We got to visit the library and two playgrounds, so we were all beat by the end of the day, but it was the best. In fact, yesterday led me to the conclusion that this parenting thing is done all wrong. I am pretty sure that your first child, when born, is supposed to come with a 6 year old older sibling.

At the playground Wallaby was in fine modeling form, perhaps this blog should become all about his style.




And since we always get asked, his shades are from Children’s Place from last summer—the only place I could find baby sized ones. This pair is similar. And why not finish off the outfit. No idea where the shirt is from, but the jeans and high tops are Old Navy. Apparently they no longer carry the shoes from last fall, but I am really liking this new pair.

And then there was that time at the library when I finally let Wallaby sit at the kid computers that I usually rush him past. It was love at first sight. Obviously.



One thought on “Low, High, and All Around

  1. Very cute and what a fun day. We have that same 6 year old over at our house today, I don’t think she is having as much fun LOL. But the baby has to nap and she naps one long nap during the afternoon.

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