Utah: The Final Days

Things have been a little nutso and a lot of fun around here lately. Well, certain parts of each day are fun, specifically the parts where The Grizzly Kid is home with us but we aren’t packing or cleaning for the big move and instead are checking off our to-do before we leave Utah list. Yesterday we went to lunch at Art City Trolley here in Springville, and it was delightful. I built my own burger and with the toasted bun and super delicious fries, I seriously enjoyed it.

Today between packing in the morning and cleaning in the evening we made it over to Rita’s for a free Italian ice, for the first day of spring. Wallaby shared my key lime ice with me and cried when it was all gone—lets just say he enjoyed it—and The Grizzly Kid had an oreo shake made with custard, which was very creamy, or so I would say, if I had stolen it from him to try it out…

wpid-IMG_20140320_150209.jpgHe had some serious focus going on. And he wasn’t the only child there that we saw cry at the end of their ice. So it’s pretty good.

Still to go on list of fun things to do, is visit the new Daylight Donuts that opened here—can you tell that I love food? Pretty much all of my lasts in Utah are to do with visiting local eateries. The Grizzly Kid wants to take Wallaby on the frontrunner train, we’re pretty sure he’ll love it, since he signs train for every motorized vehicle that he sees. And I want to go play up Hobble Creek canyon on a warm afternoon. Then there are final gatherings with friends and family, of course. What else do we need to do before we leave Utah? What should we put on our Arizona to-see/to-do list?


5 thoughts on “Utah: The Final Days

  1. visit any of the Robertson kids who are in Provo and find out where Casey was transferred and how to get in touch with their Mom….. Visit the Asea plant in Pleasant Grove on Tuesday at noon to get a tour and bottle of Asea and say Hi to Dr. Gardner and Cristy. Get some Pharmanex products, I have a # for you.

  2. Go to any burger joint and bask in it’s pre-made fry sauce… the luxury of having this condiment is a unique treat found only in the land of the Mormons.. so please proceed to smoother your golden fries with it! :D

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