A Picture Post

What better way to end the week of no posts than with a bunch of odd photos thrown together.

wpid-imag0647.jpgThere was the time we used our moving boxes to make a fort.

IMG_6628Wallaby studiously watching the back neighbors jackhammer the dirt—that’s how hard the ground is here if you want to plant anything substantial.


The day we got a 5 minute rainstorm. And were billy goats apparently ∨


My soggy bookmark.


The bath that feels like a swimming pool to Wallaby, yet he still cries every time we turn off the water.


An average sunset as viewed from our bedroom window.


The 70 year old Wallaby in his track suit.


The Blood Orange Rolls that I made for LDS Conference. I’ll be posting the recipe next week!

Have a great weekend and hopefully a cooler one than us.


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