Easter Celebrations


Easter is my absolute favorite holiday. And dying Easter eggs is simply the best! Always such fun and messy. Messes are good, at least for a few hours. As an added bonus, this year Wallaby could actually participate! Naturally he loved coloring the eggs and dipping them in the dye—he will probably have blue hands for a week now.



We experimented with new techniques this year, including using string, lace, ric-rac, and reinforcement stickers. We also tried out the new McCormick neon food coloring—they have instructions specifically for dying eggs on the box. They were such pretty colors!


I only tried the string once, and probably didn’t tie it at tight as possible, so it slipped a bit in the dye.



The lace was really hard to get tight enough on the egg. We used safety pins to keep it on, but some of the dye inevitably seeped under, same with the ric-rac. Maybe next year we could try hot gluing them on and then peeling it off after? I used a white crayon to outline the ric-rac, and that seemed to help.


The really good idea was using the reinforcement stickers to make perfect polka-dots (colored in with a sharpie after the egg was dyed).



Or put on before it was dyed, like this egg.


But my favorite was watching Wallaby explore the egg dying process.





I also loved how the white lace was dyed such lovely colors along with the eggs.


We have an Easter egg hunt planned for tomorrow morning (another first for Wallaby) and then an Easter basket with a new book and toy on Sunday (don’t tell Wallaby). If he’s lucky we might share some of the candy from our baskets, maybe. We’ll go to church, of course, and then a big family meal—my favorite way to celebrate any occasion!

What are your big Easter plans? If you have a minute and want to remember the true reason to celebrate, then you will enjoy this.  Happy Easter to you!


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