Fun, Fun, Mostly Fun





This was Wallaby on Easter Sunday, in the smocked jumper that my mother made for my younger brother 19 years ago!

It wouldn’t be a holiday without the post-holiday sugar induced sicknesses. Every holiday I think I am going to eat way less immune system killing sugar and every time I over indulge. Clearly self-control around food is my weakness. We’ve had coughs and colds all around even being so good as to share with visiting family! We had a couple of days with all 14 of the grandchildren in the same place ranging from age 14 to 5 months (plus two on the way!).We even caught a picture! or so we thought until we looked back later and realized that one 6 year old granddaughter was off playing somewhere else, ha. A good effort though.




And this was a good effort by the uncles to get this kite in the air. I think in the end it was put down to poor kite design. Right…



We also practiced playing nice and sharing with cousins. Which worked sometimes.



And sometimes did not.


We will miss this week, but our introvert selves are looking forward to the quiet of the upcoming week. A rest from our exciting  and full holiday is definitely due.

Also tomorrow is supposedly 72 degrees with a chance of rain! Hello Arizona that I love.



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