18 Months

It happened so fast, and he just keeps on growing! Our Wallaby has hit 1.5 years of age, a time of growing independence, constant movement, goofing around, and emotional break downs daily—usually they’re his … well, mostly.


Case in point, someone was particularly distraught that his lollipop had gone missing. That was a long 5 minute car ride of distress, after all, Wallaby takes nothing more seriously than his food. He is constantly asking for food, or milk, we’re working hard to get him to drink more water in all this heat, but milk is his favorite. Unless it’s ice, he’d eat ice all day.



Wallaby also has a new found love of Top Gear as viewed on Netflix. His fascination with all moving vehicles has exploded in the last month, and that coupled with getting to clap along with the crowd, it has become his new favorite. Here he is watching it with The Grizzly Kid.


We hide from the heat of the Arizona afternoons indoors, mostly, but really Arizona has been good to us. We get out early in the morning and if we do go out in the afternoon we pull out the trusty slip and slide or visit the pool.



Wallaby loves all things water, he got a special kick out of helping us wash the car yesterday—it was the big event of the day. Early mornings are great for hiking or playing at local playgrounds. Arizona takes teaching the youth about the local flora and fauna very seriously, with parks proudly themed as such.


Please pet the rattlesnake and the tarantula. Oh, and don’t forget to climb the saguaro cactus too!



Really though, the weather is always fine in the shade! We hung out on ASU West campus while The Grizzly Kid had a meeting with an adviser. There all fountains all over that campus, some of which have no edge and look just like a splash pad, and not one of them has a no swimming sign. Either their students have great self control or they really don’t care if you wade in seeing as you’ll dry off in a minute—seconds, if in direct sunlight. (We stuck our toes in…)




Wallaby already has a favorite rock on campus to drive cars over and climb on, but nothing beat the fountains I wouldn’t let him dive into.

We’ve been playing hard, despite the 102 degrees we hit today, and simply loving life with with our Wallaby.


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