Beach Wedding Part 3

The shoes. One of the final preparations for my sister’s wedding in less than a month! Is the shoes for the women. We’re thinking red sandals, since we’re taking pictures on the beach and stilettos stick in the sand. I am all for a cute red sandal, but I wouldn’t have thought it’d been so hard to find the right sandals, in classic red—not coral, or fuchsia—and it a contemporary style—not clogs or orthopedics—which apparently lend themselves to the color red.

Here are my current top choices.


Salt Water Sandals. Classic. And, I have been wanting a pair for a while now. They are also the least dressy of my options, and do they look too childish on adult feet? I wish I could find somewhere to try them on in person. I’m thinking this pair would get the most wear after the wedding.


I’m not really into the whole gladiator sandal trend, which seems to be getting replaced by fishermen, and huaraches sandals anyway. But I do really like this pair by Sam Edelman. They scream summer! But they are kind of an orange-red, and again a bit less dressy. Of course flats are always less dressy than heels anyway.

ae wedge

I am seriously in like with this pair of tiny wedges from American Eagle. They feel a bit more dressy and I still wouldn’t sink into the sand too much. Again they are a bit on the red-orange side, not a classic red like the Saltwater sandals.



I think you can see my favoritism for thick leather straps. This pair from MIA falls somewhere in the middle of all the sandals. But are they almost coral colored? It is so hard to tell just from a picture!

What’s your opinion? Or have you seen any better options out there? And you know what really gets me, as I’ve been look around? Sandals that aren’t real leather but want to charge 70+ dollars! Just because your name is Marc Jacobs doesn’t mean you can charge so much for such low quality. As you can see here I have gone with more affordable synthetic options—not that paying more for a shoe is bad, but the higher price should come with better quality.


3 thoughts on “Beach Wedding Part 3

  1. I actually thought the traditional sandal was for the kids until I read the caption, that being said if they are on adult feet they will probably look like adult shoes.. I think my favorite are the wedges.

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