Weekend Wonders

We had a lovely long weekend with most of the traditional Memorial Day festivities. Friday we headed to Lake Pleasant—don’t let the name fool you, there isn’t a nice sandy beach in the whole place—but, the weather was gorgeous and the water was fine at Scorpio Bay (thankfully another misnomer, but doesn’t that sound inviting?). Per usual family style we came with food to feed a hundred when we only numbered 22 (that’s an average family gathering size these days), including BBQ chicken, still hot, and fresh fruit galore. Not to mention Birthday Cake for my brother and dad who are born 4 days apart and were celebrating 30 and 60!

Once Wallaby got the hang of walking on the rocky shore he loved playing in the water of course, and eating way too much junk food. The Grizzly Kid spent much of the time ferrying nieces and nephews on the wave runners, but I got a turn and left Wallaby with my sister playing contentedly on the beach—things changed quickly though when Leslie said out loud that I asked her to watch Wallaby, he looked around and upon finding no parents became very upset. Haha, he understands everything. We also all tried our hand at the kayaks, which is always fun—but less fun for the mama duck and 8 ducklings that were being kayaked down by the grandkids.

I don’t usually go shopping on Memorial weekend but found a few deals this time around. Saturday was a trip to Old Navy for their 50% off swimsuits! I have been swimming more in the last month than I have in the past year, and my old swimsuit was not holding up to the challenge. I hate swimsuit shopping. Way worse than jean shopping. I went into the dressing room with 11 different suits, 10 of which were too revealing, or had absolutely no support up top, which does not fly for this post baby bod. But there was one gem among the group! This navy blue, sweetheart, halter top, polka-dotted, one piece gem.


And then there was a trip to the Lego store per The Grizzly Kid’s request. I really loved the colorful Lego wall, Wallaby loved the Lego play table, and The Grizzly Kid loved everything.



Monday was spent in a bit more shopping with mi madre when we found these darling $10 sandals! We grab almost every pair they had left and divided the spoils among any Cinderella with the right sized foot to fit the sandal.


The remainder of the day was spent prepping for and playing with family. I made Key Lime cupcakes—which having been a Pillsbury box mix were surprisingly good, especially with a homemade butter-cream lime frosting. There were also my favorite chocolate chip cookies, hot dogs and all the fixings, fresh watermelon, strawberries, and grapes, and I a special nomination goes to the deep fried, battered zucchini. Yum.

The ultimate weekend in my book.


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