California Vacation Part 1


I finally have our bags unpacked and the last of the vacation laundry put away, so I thought it high time to post about our adventures. With my sister’s wedding set for June 21st in San Diego, we figured it was the perfect excuse to go over a few days early and stay with our closest cousins who just so happen to live in San Clemente, mere minutes walking distance from the beach. And what wonderful hosts they were! We didn’t have to worry about a thing.  They have a little boy just 2 month younger than Wallaby and the two of them got on splendidly! Less than an hour after our arrival we hit the beach and the weather was fine and the water was warm—I was fully expecting the vast ocean water to be freezing.



Wallaby was a natural beach bum. He ran straight for the waves and giggled like crazy when they would try to sweep him away.



We already knew he loved playing in sand, but beach sand is always the best, so he had extra fun.



Especially since he had a friend willing to share buckets, shovels, and trucks. These two were so cute together!


As the tide rose I ferried water back to our higher spot so the boys would still have wet sand. Forced to play in the waves, what a sacrifice.


We played for a couple hours before we started our beachside bonfire—complete with hot dogs and marshmallows. It was a perfect summer evening. The weather was slightly chill, we had lovely company, and the little ones were well behaved even as it approached bedtime.



We seriously loved the beach and would have stayed there the whole trip, but we did other fun things as well—the details of which will be saved for future posts, because photo overload already.


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