California Vacation Part 2

As anyone with nap taking children know, it is best to plan just one major event/outing each day and still get them a nap and therefore avoid mini monster children. So, the second day of our stay was spent in fair part at the Long Beach Aquarium, which was deceptively large. Every time we entered the next exhibit I was surprised at how much larger it was than I expected, and they have a vast range of sea creatures to explore.  Also, aquariums have a lot of dark halls and brightly lit tanks, making picture taking difficult, but we still managed to over photograph the day.


Wallaby was mesmerized by the fish, but the seals, sea lions, and especially the sea otters, were his favorites.


These boys were little partners in crime, never far apart. I love how deep in conversation they look here.


And they both loved any chance to play in the water.


That included the shark pool, until they actually swam past and then Wallaby was out of there. The Grizzly Kid and I both touched the Bamboo Sharks, and boy did they feel rubbery.


The larger sharks made me happy to stay in the shallows of the beaches. Unless of course I could be in one of those sea cages under water watching the sharks—I always thought that’d be rather amazing.


Wallaby loved the exhibits that he could climb up to see into the tanks, so most of them.


Exhibit B.


We were thoroughly warn out as we neared the end, so much to see! Deep Sea creatures fascinate The Grizzly Kid and Wallaby geeked out over all the different creatures and I loved all the colors! Mother Nature certainly has some strange and wonderful creatures.

We spent the afternoon relaxing with napping boys and Emilee even spoiled us with our favorite pizza recipe. Then we walked to the San Clemente pier with a side by side stroller that neither of the boys would stay in—a good idea in theory.

San Clemente Pier


Wallaby and Seth found the benches to be the most exciting of all—both to climb up and jump off. And we saw a man fishing off the pier catch a Shovel Nosed Guitar Ray which was thoroughly gross looking and I can’t imagine that it would taste very good, but then again I’m not much into sea food.



Our second day ended like the first, with boys in bed and parents enjoying a peaceful evening. Although, this evening also included balling 4 watermelon for my sister’s wedding the next day. I’ll post all about the wedding and beach luncheon on Monday! See you then.


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