California Vacation–The Wedding!

Finally, the culmination of our vacation, the main reason for putting up with the California traffic—the wedding! My sister Kelly and I have a long standing relationship, after all she’s been trying to shake me off since she was 14 months old and I was born. Just kidding, she loves me most of all—like that one time I was mad at her and I flung a giant spoonful of pink jello salad at her—who wouldn’t love that. I don’t get mad easily or often, but when I do the jello flies. There was the time in high school where we would walk past each other in the halls not saying a word. And then there was the time she left for college and I started to miss her. Like all sisters we’ve had our ups and downs—I fought with her more than any of my other 8 siblings and I learned more from her too.

I’m ever so glad that she found Josh, who can keep up with her high-spirited, adventurous self.  I wouldn’t have missed this day for all the world. The lovely couple were married in the San Diego Temple, which looks like a fairy tale castle.


The ceremony inside was lovely and then we came out to await the bride and groom. And kept the children happy by any means necessary. For Wallaby that meant getting to play photographer.


And being swung  around. I love his face in this picture!


Then Kelly and Josh arrived looking all shiny and new, with that perfect look of love.


Just look at my beautiful big sister!


We took all the classic photos. Including this sibling photo—sadly we are missing Jaclyn and Lewis, they fit in right between me and Claire on the end, and are away serving missions in Idaho and Mexico, respectively. Which seems to always happen—Kelly was in the Philippines when I got married. Can you see the family resemblance?



This is my immediate family. With 6 of the 10 kids now married, we still have room to grow.



We even got all 14 nieces and nephews together and mostly happy. I hurriedly shoved skittles in the mouths of those screaming the loudest, and it worked for some—note the non-wailing Wallaby.


And it worked for a while, until they were done and walked out.


But they all got their pay out at the end of the trying ordeal.


After the temple photos we headed down to La Jolla beach, where our favorite cousins had once again come to the rescue by going early and saving us the perfect spot sheltered amid the rocks, where we had our luncheon. And let me tell you, even simple affairs require a lot of planning, especially when you are planning from hundreds of miles away. My mother and I mostly decided the menu, with the input of the Bride of course, and the Groom who requested Key Lime Pie, the best of all choices. The Grizzly Kid and I rushed to the beach where he watched Walt while Emilee and I set up the luncheon and food. There was fried chicken, croissant sandwiches, watermelon (4 of them which Emilee and I balled the night before—have I mentioned that she is the best yet?), coleslaw, white chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies, and coconut chocolate chunk sea salt cookies (which my sister Leslie and I made earlier in the weekend and froze until the big day—both recipes were amazing!), key lime cupcakes, and key lime pie. Pretty much all the best picnic on the beach foods.


That is where I spent the afternoon, setting up and restocking food, which is fine by me as I like to play at party planner. See those rose balls behind me? Those were made using this tutorial which is easy, but what she doesn’t mention is the time it takes! HOURS to make three of them, but I was really happy with how they turned out and the extra touch it gave the set up.


I wish a better picture had been taken to show the set up of the food, but I didn’t get the chance. I do love that this picture shows all the red heels that got placed on the rocks, and how the beach towels came out, for there was no keeping the kiddos from the waves. By the end of the afternoon everyone was slightly sun burnt and rather sandy, but had had a lovely time celebrating these two.


Who ran around getting pictures taken on the beach while the rest of us ate merrily without them, but these photos were worth their sacrifice, I think.






(Photo credit—all the good photos—by Nick Sorensen who was fun to work with and although based in Arizona, is clearly willing to travel some.)


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