Party Like it’s Independence Day

(Found this 4th of July printable here)

There several things that set Arizona apart, especially in the summer, the most obvious being that 110 degrees is the average temperature. Another is that people leave the valley in droves in the month of July until school starts again in early August—church, which is usually packed to the back, was rather empty yesterday. A casualty of this is that a lot of the common summer festivities simply don’t happen and if they do happen you’d have to be insane to sit in 111 degree weather for 3 hours to watch a parade, or even lay out in the 95 degree weather to watch the late fireworks.

So this year I was set to make our own fun. I got to work planning our own family carnival/fair, and with the help of my sister it came together nicely. With 12 nieces and nephews here to entertain we can definitely create our own party and they enthusiastically try everything, which makes even simple games exciting.  We set up simple games like ring toss, can bowling, and bean bag toss.


We had kettlecorn set up to munch on while playing games. I used this pattern to make the paper cones and then covered cereal boxes with wrapping paper and cut out holes to make the little stands.


This was Wallaby’s perch, protector of the popcorn, until all the cousins showed up.


The photo booth that we set up using this backdrop and props was an especially big hit with the kids. They made us laugh because they were so focused on getting the props in the right place that they kept forgetting to smile.


Still, they were all adorable.


Wallaby and I even got in on the action. My oldest niece manned the face painting station since she has more artistic talent than the rest of us. I made the face paint using this super simple mixture and it turned out great. As shown here.


Wallaby wiped the A off his cheek before it got a chance to dry. And as for the remainder of the festivities I will save those for a second post, this one is getting out of hand.


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